About us

Thank you for taking time to read the about of our platform.

We’ve been sit out to imagine M-sHalt and we simply meditate better with a perfect design M-sHalt is a multi subject and is community discussing about more then 8 topics. We allowed people to post: their Products. We discuss about Movie and Soundtrack, we talk about Arts and different Cultures, people can talk about Health issues and Political issues, and about different Sport.

We denied to see any post or comment related to adult things in our community if we see one of those the owner will be immediately banned into our system

Thank you for your understanding

Because we are all in one community M-sHalt is a trusted community.

Our platform is stronger in

  • Social network 
  • Marketplace 
  • Advertisement system 
  • Job boards
  • bookings system 
  • Top news around the world

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