Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents occur on a regular basis, leaving many people injured and in need of a Personal Injury Attorney to handle the motor vehicle accident lawsuit. 

Tractor Trailer Accidents are known to cause very serious injuries or even death.

Becoming the victim of a truck crash can cause devastating physical injuries as well as emotional and financial stress. 

If you were involved in a truck accident that caused by a negligent driver, the attorneys at The Roth Firm can help with your case.

We dedicate our time and resources to investigate the accident and help you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

We have a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in handling truck accident lawsuits. We help accident injury victims obtain the benefits they deserve while they focus on recovery. 

If your tractor trailer crash was caused by a negligent driver, do not let their careless actions go unpunished.

Contact The Roth Firm Personal Injury Attorneys for a free consultation today. 

The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There are many reasons for a truck accident to occur, and if you believe you accident was caused by driver negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Here is a list of the most common causes of truck accidents.

  • Drunk Driving
  • Distracted Driving 
  • Speeding
  • Lack of Truck Maintenance 
  • Reckless Lane Changes 
  • Vehicle Defects 
  • Improperly Packed Trucks
  • Driver Fatigue 

Proving Truck Driver Negligence 

When you choose The Roth Law Firm, we have an experienced team of lawyers who are dedicated to completing a thorough investigation into the truck wreck as well as prove driver negligence, proving their careless actions led to the collision.

During the accident investigation process, your attorney will: 

  • Review Police and Accident Reports 
  • Interview All Witnesses 
  • Investigate the Accident Scene
  • Examine the Driver’s Credentials  
  • Determine if All Local Traffic Laws were Obeyed 

Having an attorney to prove truck driver negligence is very important when filing a personal injury lawsuit. There are in-depth state and federal trucking regulations that will be difficult to interpret without legal help. Our Truck Accident Injury Attorneys ha

ve extensive

knowledge of these laws, as well as experience litigating, and the resources to thoroughly investigate the accident. 

Trucking companies are required to follow strict procedures in Driving Hours and Truck Maintenance and the driver’s are held to a higher standard than a regular motor vehicle driver. Trucking companies will often falsify their records to protect their company and drivers. 

Our Truck Accident Attorneys are trained to find discrepancies and falsifications in the trucking records that will prove the driver or company was responsible for the accident. 

Proving liability in a truck accident can prove to be more complicated than a regular motor vehicle accident case. In a truck accident there are often multiple parties involved, such as: 

• The Trucking Company

• The Truck Driver 

• The Parts Manufacturer

A Third Party

Our Attorney are trained to identify the parties who may have contributed to the accident, they will then build an aggressive case against the at-fault party.

You should try to handle a truck accident lawsuit alone. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney you will be in great hands, and can expect your lawyer to obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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